From experience I know how difficult it can be to weed through all the tools needed to effectively market your non profit online. In this post I wanted to briefly highlight a few of my favorites. Though I won’t really be covering the actual advertising platforms themselves. My hope is that it could help get you pointed in the right direction. This list is also brief and I know their are heaps of other tools out there. So please let me know what you think should be added as I plan on updating this list over time.

1. Salesforce CRM

For most small businesses Salesforce tends to be a bit beyond them due to it’s hefty cost. Incredibly they offer a package for us in the non profit world that is free of charge. What is Salesforce? It is a Customer Relationship Management System or in simple terms, a database. Before you go spending money on advertising it is critical you have a way to store and steward the contact details and other history of those connecting with you.

2. CoSchedule

Planning and scheduling content out across social media is a big task and there has never been a tool quite like this. Easily my top tool of 2017. It is not simply a scheduler but really helps you get your head around your whole content calendar and have your whole team engaged.
CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

3. Formstack

Their are a million form builders out there but I have loved using Formstack and haven’t found anything that is quite as user friendly. When creating contact forms and registration forms you don’t want to have to pay someone to code and create something every time. Formstack gives you easy drag and drop features with plenty of professional integrations. For example you can have your forms send through to Salesforce.


4. Instapage

One of the most common mistakes I see non profits making with online ads is sending people to their main web site. Whether it is to the home page or a specific program it just isn’t a good process. Landing Pages create a simple and clean way to create a page just for that ad. It creates a relevant message that is tailored to that ad. Platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook actually assign a Relevance score to ads and having a good landing page actually scores best. Which saves you money on your bidding and also saves money on people who get lost and confused on your site.

5. UnSplash

Finding good images for your ads and landing pages can be a tough process. Especially if you plan on doing it legally, as I hope you would. Unsplash is an amazing place to find high quality images with no limitations on how you use them. So you can use them in ads and even mess with them. They are fully Creative Commons.


6. Google Adwords Grant

Google Adwords is an amazing tool if you really know what you are doing and have the time and money to waste. Though like Salesforce they offer a plan for Non Profits that gives you up to $10k in free advertising every month. Their are limitations to the account though it is a great way to get started and eventually you can get a paid account to go with it.


Have any to add? Please let me know!

*Some of the tools listed above have referral links which sometimes earns a commission or discount for myself or the non profit I work with. Thanks for helping support the work I do!