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Coffee, Communications & My First Facebook Live | #ContainerTalks 003

It took me a while but here is my third Container Talk and it was one to remember. This time my guest is my good friend Nathan Stephenson who is also on staff here at YWAM Newcastle. Not only did we discuss coffee and how it relates to communications but we also made some while we chatted.

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Facebook Live

Taking Container Talks Live On Facebook

It has been a while since my last Container Talk and I am excited to share it with you soon. Though I wanted to quickly share a new unique look into the talks. Below is the full Facebook Live clip straight from the talk.

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Learn About Social Media From Coffee

What Your Coffee Can Teach You About Communications

I have to begin by saying that in no way do I consider myself an expert in coffee. Nor am I what some would refer to as a coffee snob. Though I have been blessed to work in an office, and a city, that just does coffee really well.

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A Social Media Blog Project | YWAM School of Communication & Digital Influence

I am right in the middle of two weeks of teaching on our communications school here at YWAM Newcastle. I have the privilege of getting to share on a topic that is close to my heart and this website itself; "Being Heard In The Digital Age".

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Daniel Norris Social Media

Your Message Is Worth Risking On Social Media

Communicating is a risk. It always has been and always will be. As are relationships in general. Though I am finding more and more that there is a tension between taking risks and what we consider wisdom.

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GoPro Macbook pro Teardown

Macbook Pro Teardown & Repair | GoPro Timelapse

A quick GoPro timelapse of my first ever complete teardown of a 13" Macbook Pro. I was doing it to replace a faulty keyboard and unfortunately it takes a teardown to replace. Not to mention removing like 60 different screws on the keyboard itself.

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