Updated August 10, 2013

Ok so you decided to take the plunge and start your very own web site using WordPress (not talking about wordpress.com here). While a simple google search for “free wordpress themes” may bring up thousands of search results I recommend putting in the extra money to get a premium theme. With free themes you will often find they are full of glitches, missing important features, and come with very little customer support. This site and all the sites I have created are built on Premium WordPress Themes. Below are a few helpful tips I have learned while searching the thousands of WordPress themes out there. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Where to look?

I highly recommend ThemeForest. It is the largest marketplace for premium wordpress themes. There are literally thousands that average around $35-$45. Though you can also google ‘premium wordpress themes’ to find other sites that sell themes.


Make sure the theme is ‘Responsive’.

With people browsing the web on multiple devices in any given day this feature is not simply about having a mobile version for your site. It means your web site will actually adjust to the screen size of any device. Try grabbing your browser window and changing it’s size right now to see it in action.

Read the comments & feedback.

Every premium theme acts differently when you install it so make sure to see what past customers are saying. No theme will be completely free from any problems but are they working with customers to solve it and are there big problems that will hinder you.

Check the author’s experience.

While this isn’t always the case it does usually help if the person that created the theme has a lot of experience. This will make it less likely for there to be glitches and for them to be able to work out any issues that might come up.

Know What You Want.

Ultimately it is important to choose a theme that will in the end actually suit you and what you are trying to communicate. One of my first themes for this site had one cool feature that really grabbed my eye. While it was fun for a bit it didn’t ultimately serve what I was trying to do with the site. So don’t get caught up in gimmicks. Get a theme that has a wide range of features that you want.

I hope that was helpful. Happy WordPress theme hunting!