Why downgrade?

When it comes to any kind of update, whether it’s an iPhone App or your latest device, glitches are a part of life. Take Apple’s Maps app for example. When it was released it would direct people to the wrong place and was full of glitches. The same goes for a new WordPress update. There may be some great new features but occasionally you may lose access to other vital features. The way to remedy this is to downgrade your site to the previous version of WordPress and then maybe wait till they come out with a newer update. Anyways here are a few easy steps to help you do this. Some basic Web & FTP experience will be needed.

1. Download Old Version:

http://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/ for a list of old WordPress Versions to download. Just select and download the one right before your current update.

2. Deactivate Your Plugins

Log-in to your wordpress and Deactivate all of your plugins.

3. Replace Files:

WARNING! You may want to back up your files in case something goes wrong.
-Login to your web sites cPanel or your own FTP client to access your web site’s files.
-Delete the folders called wp-admin & wp-includes. (Do not touch any other files)

Wordpress Downgrade FTP

-Copy across all files from the old version of wordpress, except the wp-content folder, to your FTP. This will ask you if you want to replace some files, this is OK.

2013-01-02 05.02.40 pm


Once all those files copy across simply go log-in to your WordPress. It will then ask you to Update Your Database. Do that and you should be logged into your wordpress which is now running the previous version.