What is a Mobilization Sprint?

A sprint is a concentrated week with the goal to launch your communications to the next level. So whether you are just getting started or have a well-established team we want to help you grow, to help you reach the goals and vision God has clearly given you.  This is not just another seminar with a list of tips and tricks to grow. It is a mixture of vision, workshops and hands-on training. In the simplest of terms it is both a training and consulting time. For YWAM locations there is a major focus on the Discipleship Training School which comes from it’s vital role in our mission. It was and continues to be a key driver to growth. Though Darlene Cunningham says it best…

“As the DTS goes, so goes the mission”


Past Mobilization Sprints

It all started back in 2014 when YWAM Mazatlan, Mexico invited Daniel Norris to come from YWAM Newcastle to run a week of training and consulting. It was the first opportunity to multiply the things they had been learning in Australia. Not only was Mazatlan a new location but it was also in a different culture and language. Since then YWAM Mazatlan has seen record growth and doors have opened to further develop and run Mobilization Sprints with pioneering location YWAM North Cascades, YWAM Townsville, YWAM Salem, Oregon and most recently YWAM Tyler, YWAM Ships Kona and YWAM Montana Lakeside. Each of these locations have represented unique applications of the training and have all proved incredibly fruitful.



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