What is Rewind & Review?

There is a lot happening around the world in the area of social media & technology & I wanted to start regular posts highlighting some of the things I have seen worth checking out. I will also include brief comments on what I think of it. Anyways below is my first attempt at what will start as a weekly post. Thanks for checking it out!


Instagram Won’t Sell Your Photos
This was probably the biggest news in the social media world in the past week. In case you didn’t know Instagram released a newly updated Privacy Policy. Of course social media lit up in outrage as everyone took their legal jargon to mean the world was truly ending as the mayans had predicted. I tend to hold back on commenting when these updates happen because it is mostly a bunch of hype. I do think we should take these changes seriously though in the end let’s keep in mind that companies like Instagram are offering us these services free of charge. So let’s not be surprised when they ask for something in return. In the end Instagram did listen and is changing it’s privacy policy and won’t be selling your photos to anyone anytime soon. Did you end up deleting your account in response?

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Leonard Sweet – @lensweet
Author of a number of great books including Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival. He is a leader in the area of social media and discipleship and tweets some great wisdom.


Christmas Tech Gifts
Did you get the latest gadget for Christmas? Maybe an iPad Mini? My favorite tech gift tends to be iTunes Gift Cards. Though I found myself wishing you could use them at Apple Retail stores. I mean it is the same company right? If Apple ever decides to change it’s mind I might just save them in a shoe box until I have enough to get myself that iPad Mini.


An Update Full of Glitches
WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” – This is the latest update from WordPress that I have been mostly unimpressed with. I manage a number of web sites and it has caused glitches on almost all of them. Some sites can’t upload photos and another won’t let me edit Widgets. I hope they release an update to fix these issues soon. Have you had any problems?

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