One of the most important things I have found in succeeding in any form of online communications is “Consistency”. I’ll even admit it is a key reason why this blog has not grown in the way other projects I have worked on have. Of course there are other factors, but that is always a common denominator. Consistency is difficult though and does take time and effort. Especially when managing more than one social network. This is where scheduling posts in advance can help save you time and keep you consistent. One major piece of advice I must mention is that if you are new to a social network do not start by scheduling. Do it manually for a bit so you can really get to know how a specific social network works and how a post should look. What works on Twitter won’t be the same on Facebook. Simply put,

you need to learn the language before you talk too much.


    -Allows You To Spend Focussed Time On Sourcing Good Content.
    -Gives You Time To Engage Socially With People.
    -You Can Take Holidays.


    -Letting Scheduled Posts Become Your Only Communications.
    -Posts Become Repetitive And Boring.
    -You Might Set and Forget.
    -Posting Identical Posts On Multiple Social Networks

How many posts to schedule each day.

    Facebook: 1-2 (Space them out at least 6 hours.)
    Twitter: 8-12
    Google+: As many as you want. Who uses it?

There are many different programs/apps for scheduling posts though my favorite has always been BufferApp. BufferApp lets you create set time slots that you want your posts to go out and then you simply focus on writing good posts to fill those slots each day.


What risks and/or benefits would you add?