About a year ago I began a collaborative project called the Social Media Version Bible. The vision was simply to inspire this social networking generation to read the word of God. We also wanted to show them how it applied to every part of their lives, especially the world of social media. I have since discontinued the project for a number of reasons but thought I would share some of my favorite verses that we translated.

As long as I have life within me I will not post wickedness on my twitter & my tweets will utter no deceit. #Job 27:3 #smvbible

Keep your twitter from evil & from posting deceit. #Psalms 34:13 #smvbible

For the #Lord watches over the tweets of the #righteous, but the posts of the #wicked get deleted. #Psalms 1:6 #smvbible

My twitter speaks what is true, for it detests wickedness. #Proverbs 8:7 #smvbible

When tweets are many, #sin is not private, but he who limits his tweets is wise. #Proverbs 10:19 #smvbible

Truthful tweets get retweeted, but a lying tweet lasts only a second. #Proverbs 12:19 #smvbible

Anxiety weighs down your profile, but a kind tweet cheers it up. #Proverbs 12:25 #smvbible

If your twitter causes you to stumble delete it. Deleting it is better than being thrown into hell. #Matthew 5:29 #smvbible

When you give to the needy do not announce it on Twitter as the hypocrites do on Pinterest, to be pinned by others. #Matthew 6:2 #smvbible

He tweeted, “Go into every social network & post the #goodnews to all profiles.” #Mark 16:15 #smvbible

I have lots to message you but I dont want to use Twitter. Instead I hope to speak face to face so that our joy may be full. #2John 1:12.

Therefore encourage & build up your twitter followers. #1Thessalonians 5:11 #smvbible

‘In your anger do not tweet’: Do not let the page refresh while you are still angry. #Ephesians 4:26 #smvbible

There should be no obscenity, foolish tweets or coarse joking online, which are spam, but rather #thanksgiving. #Ephesians 5:4 #smvbible