While you may not have noticed my absence from blogging the past year it was my quietest yet. Prior to the silence I had dove head first into the blogosphere hoping to make some kind of impact; to share my ideas and revelations into the noise of the online world. The topics even mostly addressed the issues of our social media and technology obsessions and how they were impacting our lives and relationships. Though with every click of the publish button I wrestled with the notion of using this medium to achieve the very thing I believed it did quite poorly. To evoke real change. The kind that doesn’t simply make a mind tick but pushes the body to respond with action.

“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Our feeds are clogged with open Letters, responses to those letters, responses to the responses, the list goes on. Is a view or a like, or maybe even a comment, really what we are hoping to accomplish with these posts? Do we want to simply be agreed with? To have our ideas heard?

Jesus spent most of his time with 12 & a little with 5000. We spend it with 5000 & very little with 12.

We want our ideas and beliefs to be adopted by the crowd yet neglect the very place where they can truly take form and be adopted. Jesus gave us a model that created the greatest multiplication and movement of specific beliefs in history. A communication that was truly accomplished. He did life with a small group of people. He cared for and loved the individual. He spoke to their needs and communicated accordingly. It equaled transformation in their lives. They then shared that with others. The rest is history.

So where does that leave my blog now and why am I back?

I don’t mean for this to be an anti blog post. I love reading blogs and love bloggers. Of course I am one myself. Though for the ideas and beliefs I have been forming over the past few years I feel the need to focus how I communicate them in a way that matches. I want the medium to uplift and add to the message. So here I am again, back in the blogosphere, blogging. This time my hope is that the message will be more focussed. One that comes out of where life has lead me in the area of communications and social media. A message I plan on practicing and preaching alongside individuals and teams.

Then from time to time I will share a few of those thoughts on this space.

image courtesy of Thomas Hawk
Creative Commons 2.0