Until a few months ago when I heard the word ‘WordPress’ I only really thought of one thing…..blogging. I thought it was just simply another free blogging platform like Blogspot. Or a basic web site creator like Weebly. The interesting and often confusing thing is that I am both wrong and right at the same time. WordPress.com is a free blogging/web site creator. Though if we are talking about wordpress.org it is an entirely different story. WordPress.org is a place where you can download the same wordpress software used by the wordpress.com blog to stick onto your own web site. Thus freeing you from any restrictions or contracts. The wordpress.com platform is very limiting and if you want to expand your site to do more you end up needing to pay wordpress.com a lot of money. Where as if you install your very own wordpress site on your own web site host you can save a lot of money and give yourself the ability to create a web site where the sky is the limit. A large percentage of web sites you probably visit are built on wordpress.

So if you are wanting just a basic blog to post your random thoughts by all means go with WordPress.com. But if you need or want an actual web site wordpress.org is the way to go. I have only been using it for a few months, yes I have been living in the dark ages, but I am already a huge fan and have learned so much!


Pros: Free & simple. Cons: Must use their themes, can’t install WordPress Plugins, sometimes they show ads on your site, plus excessive charges if you need more features and space.


Pros: Free to download & install. Thousands of free and premium themes. You can install any wordpress plugins. You have total control of your sites look and feel. Cons: Need your own web host, something I can help with 😉 Takes a little more expertise to learn.